Frequent questions

Our vehicles are 100% electric and are all charged at the family current (220v) without the need for special charging ports.

In the case of the Tricoco and QROAD model, they are removable batteries to charge them outside or inside the vehicle. The batteries of the remaining models are not removable, they are charged inside the vehicle.

TRIKE: Consumption for a full charge is approx. 2.5 kw (approx. $ 20)

M1: Consumption for a full charge is approx. 8.5 kw (approx. $ 80)

TUTU: Consumption for a full charge is approx. 3 kw (approx. $ 30)

Plus GT: Consumption for a full charge is approx. 3 Kw (approx. $25)

TRICOCO: Consumption for a full charge is approx. 0.7kw (approx. $ 6)

For information on electric mobility in Uruguay you can visit the UTE website:

This is very important, since any of these factors can reduce autonomy:

  • Driving speed
  • Loading weight
  • Road conditions (potholes, climbs, sand, rain)
  • Ambient temperature (batteries suffer in winter)
  • Tire pressure
  • Battery life
  • Vehicle functions: Air conditioning, heating, high beams, etc.

Almost zero maintenance: By dispensing with traditional engines and a traditional gearbox with clutch, breakdowns of this nature are reduced to practically none, since there are very few moving elements exposed to wear in an electric car. No more changing filters, lubricants, distribution belts, clutch discs, various fluids, etc.!

We handle all spare parts (which have a low cost compared to traditional vehicles) and we have official training to make repairs. Furthermore, being exclusive representatives gives us the confidence to be able to respond to our clients in any situation.

All electric vehicles have to be registered and we can do the management.

Motorcycles are exempt from license plates for 4 years from their registration. The rest of the vehicles have their patent exempted in a 50%. The Congress of Mayors agrees on this benefit year after year. Vehicles must be registered and have corresponding insurance (even if it is minimal).

Yes, we have complete financing on all our vehicles with BBVA (it is not necessary to be a bank customer, the management is through Trike):

  • Complete up to 60 installments with the annual 6% rate
  • 50% at a rate of 0% (on some models) up to 24 installments
  • You can make any type of delivery and finance the rest