Pioneers in Uruguay in the electric 100% vehicle market

Trike is a pioneering family business and leader in Uruguay in the electric 100% vehicle market. since 2018. We provide mobility concepts that encompass design, practicality, economy and ecology.

We constantly travel to visit and select the best factories with high quality standards. It is very important for us to provide a after-sales service consistent with the quality of our products. In addition, we have the training in the factories themselves to provide this service and a important stock of spare parts.

Our products all come from China, the number 1 country in the electric vehicle market. They have more than 40 years of experience in this type of mobility, which, together with their exponential growth in recent times, gives them the confidence and support to purchase their vehicles.

After a study of the markets and trips to different countries, we understood that China had the best equation and the best development for our business plan.

The charging system of our vehicles It's very simple. You just have to connect them to the family current (220v) without special installation and have significantly lower maintenance (almost zero) compared to combustion vehicles. They are automatic and very easy to handle.

The safety of our clients is fundamental to us, that's why we have the approval by the European Economic Community (EEC) in safety in ALL vehicles.

All our models are super economical and accessible, we have the best prices on the market. Our cost per average distance traveled is approx. $ 0.5 pesos/km.

We are electric and therefore ecological; Being ecologically aware is not just having good intentions, but really acting.