Benefits of the electric car

Benefits of going electric

Uruguay's energy matrix is mostly electric (more than 90%), when you charge the vehicle you are generating an expense that is reinvested in the country, while in combustion vehicles we must import oil and that resource never returns.

It is ecological, it has zero emissions

The 100% electric cars do not emit polluting gases or smoke into the environment during operation, since they have a clean energy source. If we are really concerned about the environment, this should be an advantage to take into account. They are better than hybrid cars as these also run on fuel and produce emissions. I contributed to a healthy and ecological climate!

uses renewable energy

Uruguay produces more energy than it consumes. During the day energy consumption reaches the highest values. If the electric car model prevails, most would be recharged during the night, which would be a great economic advantage and the average cost per KM traveled would be approx. $0.5 pesos. This would allow the introduction of renewable energies during off-peak hours, especially important in wind production. The country has favorable conditions for the development of electric transportation.

does not produce noise pollution

Electric cars have engines that are quieter than traditional combustion engines, creating a less noisy environment.

Electric motors have an efficiency of around 70%, while classic combustion engines barely reach 20-25%, since part of the energy is lost in the form of heat.

requires little maintenance

By dispensing with a traditional engine and a traditional gearbox with clutch, breakdowns of this nature are reduced to practically none, since there are very few moving elements exposed to wear in an electric car. No more changing filters, lubricants, distribution belts, clutch discs, various fluids, etc.

easy to handle

The speed it reaches, added to the fact that they are automatic, makes you experience more relaxed driving; ideal for the city!

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